Woman who previously stabbed a good Samaritan is now in police cells charged with a home invasion

A PORTLAND woman has been remanded in custody charged with committing a home invasion while wearing a mask and in the company of a youth armed with a baseball bat.

Shardey Harrison, 22, of Cape Nelson Road, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Tuesday where she made an unsuccessful self-represented bail application and was remanded in custody.

Police said that at 11pm last Friday Ms Harrison and a 17-year-old youth went to a Waratah Crescent home where they forced entry through the front door.

The youth was armed with a baseball bat, while Ms Harrison had her face covered with a black bandana.

The teenager demand money and the offenders took $30 in cash as well as alcohol, cigarettes and pool cues.

On Sunday police went to Ms Harrison's Cape Nelson Road home where they found her and the co-accused, a baseball bat, cigarettes and a black bandana.

Magistrate John Bentley was told that Ms Harrison is currently on a community corrections order to do 125 hours of community work.

That was imposed in the Warrnambool County Court after Ms Harrison plead guilty to stabbing an elderly man who had come to her aid.

That victim was flown to The Alfred hospital’s intensive care unit in Melbourne where an artery in his head was repaired​, leaving him with a 10-centimetre scar above an ear.

An Office Of Corrections staff member said Ms Harrison had done none of the 125 hours of community work and she faced a charge of breaching the corrections order.

She has 12 pages of prior court appearances.

Ms Harrison said she was a single mother who had followed bail conditions in the past and had only previously spent a weekend in police custody.

The magistrate denied bail, saying the alleged offences were too serious.

The same youth was also involved in another home invasion at the same house on Saturday night in the company of 40-year-old Portland man.

Police said that the teenager and Craig Inman, 40, of Bolwarra Court, went to the Waratah Crescent home at 9.15pm.

They forced entry to the home through the front door and the youth - again wearing a mask and carrying a baseball bat - demanded money.

They left but not before the teenager smashed a front window.

When arrested Mr Inman admitted he and the teenager had discussed doing a "run through" at the Waratah Crescent home.

Mr Bentley denied Mr Inman bail, saying: "It's your worse nightmare if you are a victim.” 

In a separate hearing in a different court, the teenager was also remanded in custody charged with two counts of aggravated burglary and home invasion.

He is already waiting to be sentenced on charges including burglary, theft and driving offences.

A magistrate said the teenager was "out of control".