W​a​rrnambool's Brett Bermingham sent​enced to serve nine months in prison after burglary rampage

A GRIEVING son who went on an ice-fuelled burglary rampage ​to feed his habit ​after his father was diagnosed with cancer has been jailed for nine months.

​​Brett B​ermingham, 36, of Raingill Avenue​ in Warrnambool,​ pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to 41 charges – most involving burglaries​ and thefts. 

He has already served 1​90 days in custody and is expected to be released from prison on May 29 when he will start a 12-month community corrections order​, aimed to provide support​.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said victim impact statements were confronting as ordinary members of the community had their lives shattered.

She said it would be difficult for those households to get over the impact of Bermingham's offending.

The magistrate said that after Bermingham's father was diagnosed with cancer, the defendant started using ice and his life spiralled out of control.

His offending involved thefts from members of his family and then burglaries​, some committed during the day and while he was disguised.

He also returned to some targeted properties multiple times.

"Let's hope this is a line ​in the sand and after release from prison that you can move forward and become a good member of the community," Ms Toose told Bermingham.

He stole $1800 in fuel from his family’s business and ​smashed a window to get into his brother's house to take $20 before going on a burglary spree, targeting businesses and daylight home break-ins.

A large family contingent appeared in court to support Bermingham.

He has also been ordered to pay about $5000 in restitution.​

 Bermingham committed break-ins at properties in Block Street, Raglan Parade, Merri Street, Rutledge Street, Chitticks Bakery, Coulstock Street, Ian Road and Foster Street.

He had a limited criminal history and defence counsel Andrew Tweedly said his client broke the law to feed a raging ice addiction.