Stellar prices at Casterton and Colac weaner sales

The Casterton weaner all-breeds steer sale on Tuesday was the strongest Landmark Casterton has experienced. 

​“It’s huge, nothing made less than $1000,” Landmark Casterton’s Greg Bright said.

A pen of 32 Tora Downs’ Angus calves had the heaviest average weight at 431kg and sold for 362c/kg to get the highest price per head of $1560.

The other calves to weigh more than 400kg sold for 360-375c/kg. Angus calves, 380-400kg, mostly sold for 370-375c/kg. Those weighing 350-380kg mostly made 370-380c/kg.

Most of the Angus calves in the 320-350kg weight range sold for more than 390c/kg, with about one-third of them selling for $4/kg or more.

Prices per kg continued to rise as the sale progressed, with most 280-320kg cattle, include Angus and Hereford calves, making 400-420c/kg.

The story of stellar prices was the same at the Colac independent livestock agents’ steer weaner sale on Monday .

Colac Livestock Agents Association president Matt Nelson said the sale was the most expensive weaner steer sale he had seen at Colac, with the prices rising to meet the quality

Mr Nelson said cattle averaged about 30 kilograms heavier than in previous years, thanks to the great season.

The second pen of 15 Angus steers, Hazeldean and Pathfinder blood, average weight 444 kilograms, consigned by MA&AC Howard, of Beeac near Colac, achieved the top price per head of the sale of $1520.

The high prices continued throughout the 2320 yarded.

Some cattle were sold unweighed, but most would have been 300kg plus and made $1200 or more.

Charles Stewart Dove agent Terry Dove said the sale had offered “a wonderful yarding of cattle” and he had probably never seen a better sale.

“I’ve been around a long time and the cattle here today were the heaviest on average in my years at Colac, by 30-40kg. The sale topped at $1500 and held to $1200-$1300 to the end. The job never faulted to the finish, it was unbelievable,” he said.

Rodlo Investments’ 10 Angus steers, Rossander blood, 453kg, sold for $1500 to Elders Camperdown.

J&D Osbourne’s pen of 22 Angus steers, Weeran bld, 410kg, made $1470. Their next 25 at 388kg made $1430.

Most black cattle of 380-420kg mostly made 350-370c/kg; and those weighing 350-380kg made 370-390c/kg and in instances more.

Most cattle were booked to local agents. Gippsland agents were also active, including Landmark Leongatha that got more than 350 head. 

Michael Grant, Greaves Marketing Services, Tasmania, purchased a B-double load. JBS purchased about 200 head.


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