​Camperdown's ​Leroy Robertson and ​Port Fairy's ​Jordan Carmody in court on driving charges

​TWO young ​south-west ​​drug-using allegedly erratic ​drivers have been ordered to do community work.

Leroy ​Ricky ​Robertson​, 20, of Lismore Road, Camperdown, ​and Jordan Anthony ​Carmody​, 23, of Princes Highway, Port Fairy, ​pleaded guilty to offences in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court​ to offences​.

Police said Carmody was reported to be driving erratically from Tower Hill to Port Fairy on September 25.

He was intercepted at Port Fairy's BP roadhouse and his eyes were glazed and pupils dilated. 

Carmody told police he had used ice ​in the previous couple of hours and there was remnants of drugs found in zip lock bags in his car.

He told police ​it was unfair to be interviewed because of his excessive drug use. 

"I've taken copious am​ounts of meth," he said.

On October 28 Carmody was​ again​ intercepted by police at Rosebrook.

He was a P-plater without an interlocked device fitted to his car after previously being caught drink driving and said he couldn't afford it.

Defence counsel Rebecca Tait said her client had a history of drug use but recently had been undertaking treatment and rehabilitation.

She said he had completely cut back his drug use and was now looking for work.

Magistrate John Lesser said if Carmody was unfit to be interviewed he certainly shouldn't have been driving.

He said if Carmody kept coming back to court he would eventually finish up in jail.

Carmody was placed on a nine-month corrections order with conditions he do 75 hours of community work as well as treatment and rehabilitation for drug issues and offender programs.

Robertson was caught by police driving at 129km/h at Gnotuk after he was reported to be driving erratically on the Princes Highway​ heading to Camperdown​.

He recorded a positive drug test to cannabis and ice and officers found 3.5 grams of cannabis in his car.

Ms Tait said Robertson started using cannabis when he was 14 years old and two years ago took up ice.

She said ​h​er client was placed on a corrections order in May this year and had been attending counselling.

Robertson ha​s stopped using ice and plans to restart work as a landscape gardener.

​He pleaded guilty to driving in a dangerous manner, drug driving, speeding and drug offences.​

The magistrate said ​getting ​in​to drugs was a lot easier than getting out but Robertson had to stop coming back to court​ or he could only end up in one place - prison​.

Robertson was placed  on another 12-month corrections order  with conditions including an additional 100 hours of community work.

He was also banned from driving for seven months.