Warrnambool's Billy O'Keefe who crashed into bridge more than four times over the limit fined and banned

​A DRIVER four-and-half times the legal limit who crashed into a bridge while going home ​drunk ​has been not convicted and fined $3000 for his second drink driving offence.

Billy Jade O'Keefe​, 30, of Zieglar Parade, Allansford, ​pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to drink driving​.​ 

He was also banned from driving for 46 months.

Defence counsel Alex McColloch said O'Keefe held a senior position with a company and asked h​is client receive no conviction and fine as his work may in future require him to travel overseas.

He said O'Keefe supervised a dozen employees and his client described his actions as "brainless".

At the time of the offending O'Keefe was drinking a dozen mid-strength stubbies a day, but now only drinks at weekend​s​ after attending counselling at the Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre.

Mr McCulloch said o​n the day O'Keefe was picked up by police, he had been drinking the night before with workmates after finishing a construction job.

They started drinking again the next morning.

The solicitor said O'Keefe had writ​ten off his uninsured $20,000 vehicle and suffered bruising and whiplash.

After losing his driver's licence he had to relocate from Allansford to Warrnambool. 

Police said that at 5.15pm on June 4 O'Keefe was heading east along the Grassmere Road in his Mitsubishi ute when he drifted and collided into the side of a bridge.

No one else was in the car and O'Keefe was taken to hospital for treatment. 

A blood sample was taken at the Warrnambool Base Hospital and O'Keefe recorded a​n ​alcohol reading of .231.

Magistrate John Lesser said that in 2007 O'Keefe should have learnt his lesson when he was caught drink diving​ and he needed to plan around his drinking. 

​He decided not to impose a conviction as that may impact on O'Keefe's work.