Vashal Prakesh released on bail with strict conditions after 52 days in custody

 ​A MELBOURNE drug user caught speeding in stolen cars across the south-west has been released on bail.

Vashal Prakesh, 40, now of Franklin Avenue, Roxburgh Park, unsuccessfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court in early October.

Police said his licence was suspended for eight months on September 21 due to demerit points.

Mr Prakesh had been bailed from the Portland police station at 9pm on September 29 to live in Noble Park after being charged with speeding at 128kmh along the Princes Highway, possessing ice and driving under the influence of ice.

The Toyota sedan he was driving was stolen in Mount Gambeir two days before being pulled over.

Mr Prakesh had 19 warrants issued by courts for his arrest, has significant prior court appearances and had just finished serving 12 months in jail.

Police said that on September 22 a blue Toyota Corolla was stolen in Altona North.

On September 30 Mr Prakesh picked up a co-accused woman in Mount Gambier. 

They spent Friday and Saturday together in South Australia, in breach of his address bail conditions.

At 9.55pm on October 2 Mr Prakesh was clocked driving the stolen blue Corolla at 129km/h along the Glenelg Highway near Hamilton.

Mr Prakesh jumped in the back seat and the co-accused woman jumped into the driver's seat.

He told police he had borrowed the car and denied stealing the vehicle.

Magistrate Peter Mellas refused bail in early October, saying Mr Prakesh was an unacceptable risk of committing further offences or not complying with bail conditions.

Late last week Mr Prakesh again applied for bail and was successful after his mother said he could live with her and she had organised drug counselling and employment.

He had spent 52 days in custody.

Magistrate John Lesser said the safety of road users was potentially a problem but he believed strict bail conditions could be put in place to reduce the chance of Mr Prakesh reoffending.

Mr Prakesh has to report to Craigieburn police on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, obey an overnight curfew, he's banned from driving and has to comply with directions of his mother, who is expected to report any bail condition breaches.