Warrnambool's Andrew Young ordered to do an additional 30 hours community work

A YOUNG father-of-four who stole wheel rims and then tried to sell them on Facebook has been ordered to do an additional 30 hours community work.

Andrew Young, 26, ​of Glasgow Street, Warrnambool, ​pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to theft.

The court heard his house had burnt down recently and his family was on the waiting list for public housing.

Police said that on August 16 Young stole rims valued from a Fairy Street business and advertised them for sale on the Warrnambool buy, swap and sell Facebook site.

When arrested 10 days later Young told police he had given the rims to a friend and he took them because he thought they were rubbish.

In September Young pleaded guilty in the koori court to selling a fridge that only had a working light after advertising it on website Gumtree of the day before Christmas. 

He sold it for $300.

The ​fridge was missing parts and the ​victims offered to not press charges if the $300 was returned but Young failed to pay back the money.​

And in June he was driving a silver Ford Territory along Raglan Parade in​ e​ast Warrnambool​ when police tried to pull ​him ​over​.

Young accelerated away to avoid interception​, being clocked at 178kmh​.

When sentenced in September the magistrate said it seemed that Young had substituted ice for alcohol and treatment could be a major step towards improving his life.​

Young was placed on a corrections order with assessment, treatment​, rehabilitation and program requirements.​