Warrnambool's Carmel ​Leslie jailed until early January

A WARRNAMBOOL ​grandmother with a history of​ substance abuse has been jailed after more serious offending.

Carmel Leslie, ​35, ​of Saltau Street, pleaded guilty in the Koori division of the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to speeding, possess heroin, ice, cannabis and prescription medication, receiving stolen goods, refus​ing driver drug tests, multiple counts of breaching bail and three weapons offences.

She was jailed for three months, ​ha​d already spent 4​6 days in custody​ and will be eligible for release on January 6.

Leslie will then restart two corrections orders involving 130 hours of community work as well as treatment, rehabilitation and programs.

Police said Leslie was driving along Wollaston Road about 4.30pm on March 15 when she was clocked on a speed camera doing 120km/h in a 60km/h zone.

She told police her grandson was teething, her daughter suffered anxiety and she wanted to get to their home quick.

Police officers attended at Leslie's home on the morning of July 11 about ice dealing.

In her handbag officers found 7.85 grams of cannabis, 1.15g of ice, .94g of heroin and prescription medication.

Police located 9.72g of cannabis in her home and more prescription medication as well as a machete, double edged sword and a set of nunchucks.

There were also a circular saw, two nail guns, drills, tool bags and a laptop believed to be stolen in a Warrnambool burglary on February 12. 

Leslie's boyfriend, drug trafficker Jason Ryan, was also found hiding in a wardrobe.

On the morning of August 31 Leslie was pulled over driving in Tozer Road,  tested positive to using drugs but refused to do an evidentiary test saying she had to take a daughter to the Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre.

Leslie also breached her overnight bail curfew on August 19 and September 11.

At 11.30am on September 13 Leslie was pulled over by police driving with Mr Ryan a passenger in her car.

Mr Ryan ran off, Leslie refused to do a driver dug test and officers found a stolen laptop in her car.

On October 10 Leslie was arrested in the Warrnambool court complex foyer. 

She tried to pass her handbag to a man and when officers searched the handbag and found five grams as well as more prescription medication.

She told police she had taken her wrong handbag to court.

A new medical report indicated Le​slie suffer​s from post traumatic stress disorder.

Defence counsel Xavier Farrelly said Leslie had initially engaged with corrections orders but then withdrew due to her mental health and addiction issues.

He said she suffered anxiety and had difficulty sleeping - often going over and over issues which resulted in her turning back to illicit substances.

Mr Farrelly said Leslie's boyfriend had been released from jail but was soon after charged with trafficking drugs.

He said Leslie was now drug free after a significant time in custody, sober and wanted to fight her addiction​s​. 

Leslie has also completed an ice​ impact course while in custody which drew praise from the koori court elders. 

However, the medical report indicated Le​sl​ie was a significant chance to return to her previous addictions. 

Leslie said she had spent a lot of time thinking in custody, now released she had to change her life and wanted to move away from Warrnambool with her family for a fresh start.