Allansford's Dylan Blake back in custody after Warrnambool arrest

​POLICE have arrested Warrnambool district fugitive Dylan Blake who has been on the run for 10 months​.

​Mr Blake,​ ​previously ​of Brown Street at Allansford, ​was wanted on ​11 warrants of apprehension after failing to attend at the Warrnambool Magistrates Court in January.

​Police officers arrested Mr Blake at Pertobe Road ​apartments on Wednesday.​

​He appeared in magistrates court on Wednesday afternoon, did not make a bail application and was remanded in custody​ until December 19.

​Mr Blake was also charged with new drug offences after police allege he was found in possession of a small amount of ice.​

Detective Acting Sergeant Nick de Ridder, of the Warrnambool police Crime Investigation Unit, ​previously ​said Mr Blake was facing charges of trafficking ​methyl amphetamine and ecstasy.

Mr Blake has prior convictions for similar offences.

Mr Blake was given his last chance to comply with a community corrections order in September last year after pleading guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to refusing to undertake a drug driver test and failing to comply with a corrections order.

Police said officers stopped Mr Blake in Warrnambool’s Cramer Street about 11.45pm on June 19 because he was speeding. 

​He tested positive to illicit drugs but refused to accompany an officer to the police station for a full test.

Magistrate Pete Mellas told the court in September that Mr Blake had not complied with a community corrections order and had refused to turn up for appointments and not completed community work.

He said Mr Blake was “fooling himself”, he still had a drug problem and if he did not comply with the order he would spend time in jail. 

Mr Blake said he was in the top 100 for a bed at Odyssey House and there were 10,000 people trying to get into drug rehabilitation.

The magistrate said Mr Blake was treating his order as a joke and that services were available to him but he would not accept help.

Mr Blake was placed on another order, was fined $400 and his driver's licence was disqualified for six months.​