TAFE students shine

HAIR and beauty academy students at South West TAFE have heeded the “no limits” call to create an outstanding body of work.

The students and their creative talents took centre stage at the South West TAFE Academy Hair and Beauty Showcase on Monday night.

South West TAFE academy co-ordinator Jenny Best-McCosh said the 50 students let their imaginations run wild.

“There were no rules, we just let them go, there were no limits on their creativity,” she said.

The latest in fantasy hair and make-up, nail art, creative long hair, avant-garde and bridal hair styles were all on show at the annual event at Highline Bar and Lounge.

Naomi Lee was named hairdressing apprentice student of the year while Amity Pope won the award for diploma of beauty student of the year. 

The teachers choice award for hair went to Katelyn Fothergill while the beauty category was won by Samantha Bandman.

Other winners were:

  • Nail art – Donna Griffiths, runner-up Cathy Finch
  • Creative long hair styling – Shannon Philp, runner-up Zoe Baxter 
  • Creative long hair styling VETIS – Erin Bevan, runner-up Ebony Kelly
  • Brides around the world – Shae Carter, runner-up Kayla Dimond
  • Brides around the world VETIS – Kate Mallen, runner-up Josie Burke
  • Off-the-wall fantasy make-up – Kayla Dimond, runner-up Haylee Finlayson
  • Off-the-wall total look avant-garde – Shannon Philp, runners-up Sheridan Hunt & Chelsie Rose
  • Off-the-wall total look fantasy – Tahnee McDuff & Shannon Philp, runner-up Kayla Dimond.

Student of the year awards went to:

  • VETIS 1st year hairdressing Erin Bevan
  • VETIS 2nd year hairdressing Shannon Philp
  • Cert III hairdressing Sheridan Hunt
  • VETIS 1st year beauty Shae Warnock
  • VETIS 2nd year beauty Shaniah Mitchell
  • Cert II in nail technology Bianca Durdin
  • Cert III in beauty services Cathy Finch
  • Cert IV massage therapy Shae Carter.

Mrs Best-McCosh said the event had been running for nine years and was a way of showcasing the students’ work in a competitive, yet comfortable environment.