Dennington's Day Out moves closer

THE culmination of a year of planning is drawing near for the committee of Dennington’s Day Out.

To be held on Sunday November 13, this will be the fourth time the Dennington’s Day Out has been staged.

The membership of the committee is in double figures with staff and parents at St John’s Primary School combining their talents to plan what is the school’s major fundraiser.

Committee member and teacher Amy Atwell said excitement is building for the 2016 installment of the event.

“From the start of the year the committee meets once a month,” Mrs Atwell said.

“As it gets nearer that goes to fortnightly meetings and in the month leading in it goes to weekly. It is a terrific committee, everyone works really hard to make sure we are continually looking to improve the event.

“It is important to get moving early to secure sponsorship and also our community partnerships.

“Those areas are really strong, we have built up great relationships with businesses and other groups in the community. A goal of Dennington’s Day Out when we started was to build that connection between the school and community.”  

A growth area for this year’s event is the increase in the number of pop-up shops.

Mrs Atwell said over 25 pop-up shops will be in place.

“The feedback we got from last year was that people loved the pop-up shops because they were such good quality,” Mrs Atwell said.

“So we really focused on getting more in this year and a couple of our committee members have worked really hard to get new ones in. 

“It is great timing with people on the look out this time of year to buy Christmas presents.”