Portland's James Burgess ordered to pay $11,677 compensation to step-father

​TRASHING unique cars and ​his family home has resulted in a Portland man being ordered to pay $11,677 compensation.

James Burgess, 32, of Calvert Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday to four counts of causing criminal damage.

He also admitted kicking his step-father during an altercation in the family home.

Burgess was not convicted, placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond with the conditions he pay $750 to the court fund and engage with services as directed.

He also agreed to pay the compensation.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said Burgess had behaved in an aggressive and deplorable way after he couldn't deal with family problems.

He said the defendant became enraged when he felt threatened and damaging the cars had been aimed at hurting his step-father.

Police said Burgess had been staying with his mother and step-father at their Avoca Road, Talbot, property in a caravan.

On August 30 Burgess was at the home with a number of family members including children.

Burgess had been drinking all day and was intoxicated.

He and his step-father argued, they shaped up and finished up on the floor after wrestling.

Burgess kicked his step-father to the side before he was told to get out of the house.

​He went outside and smashed up three vehicles, causing $7500 damage ​to one vehicle, $4000 to an FJ Holden ute and $6500 to an FJ Holden sedan.

Burgess also caused $500 damage to a sunroom and front door. 

After insurance claims, his step-father was $11,677 out of pocket as a couple of the vehicles were not insured.

In a victim impact statement, the step-father wrote that he thought he was going to die in the incident.

He said he and his wife had fed and paid Burgess' bills but now their lives were changed forever.

Burgess had no prior court appearances, at the time of his offending he had recently broken up with a woman and his relationship with his step-father was described as always difficult.

He said that when his step-father approached him during the altercation he acted out of fear and because he felt threatened.