Warrnambool's Carmen Azzopardi placed on another corrections order

A WARRNAMBOOL mum with a long history of drug use has been placed on another corrections order after being caught with nine grams of ice.

Carmen Azzopardi, 44, of Alice Place, pleaded guilty to charges including trafficking ice in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court but she claims she was only holding the drugs for an associate.

Police only found one message relating to drug trafficking on her laptop computer and two mobile telephones.

She was convicted, fined $500, banned from driving and placed on an 18 month CCO with conditions.

Police said that at 8.10am on June 20 officers raided a motel room  in Mortlake Road where it was alleged drug dealing had been taking place.

Nine grams of ice valued at about $7000 was found in Azzopardi's purse  in three zip lock bags  as well as 20 grams of cannabis, the cash and digital scales.

Her son said he believed a laptop was stolen.

Azzopardi said the cash was from playing the pokies. 

At 8.46am on June 23 Azzopardi was intercepted by police driving a Toyota sedan east in Koroit Street. 

She tested positive for drugs but she refused to accompany officers for an evidentiary drug test saying she just wanted to go home and people were “being mean to her”.

At 3.15pm on August 5 police raided a Raglan Parade motel and found 16 grams of cannabis, some mixed cannabis and digital scales.

Azzopardi admitted smoking cannabis daily and said she last smoked just before police officers arrived at the motel.

A solicitor said Azzopardi had been a drug user for 30 years but had recently progressed from cannabis to ice.

She said her client pleaded guilty to trafficking as she held three times the trafficable amount of the drugs but she claimed to not be involved in actually selling the crystal methylamphetamine.

Azzopardi was already on a corrections order for trafficking cannabis.