Warrnambool resident fed up after two separate incidents in McKiernan Road

Lucky escape: A female driver avoided injury after swerving to miss a car and hitting a fence in McKiernan Road, Warrnambool. Picture: Amy Paton
Lucky escape: A female driver avoided injury after swerving to miss a car and hitting a fence in McKiernan Road, Warrnambool. Picture: Amy Paton

Twice in the past fortnight, Warrnambool’s John Avery has had cars career into his front fence, landing only metres from his bedroom window.

The latest incident happened at 6pm on Friday night, when a car coming out of Caroville Drive, swerved to miss another vehicle, hitting the brick fence on McKiernan Road.

Warrnambool police Senior Constable Ross Hatton said the late model Kia Rio swung around on impact, wedging itself between a power pole and the fence. 

The woman was shocked but uninjured in the accident, which was attended by Powercor and police.

The severely damaged car was towed away.

Mr Avery’s neighbour rang him at work to tell him what had happened. “I said ‘you’re kidding me?”

The intersection does not have a stop or give way sign at Caroville Drive where it meets McKiernan Road. Mr Avery is calling for signage to be installed to slow traffic and warn drivers of the approaching intersection.

Almost two weeks ago, Mr Avery was woken to find an out of control car had smashed into his front fence and driven away.

"The area’s getting worse. Hoon drivers, they don’t care. Last Sunday night, at 5.15 in the morning, a car came down McGregors Rd, did a big slide and knocked out my fence and my neighbour’s fence and took off.

“The police said if I didn’t have a brick fence ‘I would have been talking to you from a hospital bed’. He was going at such a speed and would have been unable to stop,” Mr Avery said. 

Temporary construction fencing shows where the first car hit less than a fortnight ago and the Kia Rio came to rest right next to it on Friday.

Mr Avery has lived at the home for 26 years and said nothing like this had happened before. 

He said there had been an increase of hoon driving in the area and he and his neighbours were fed up.

“It’s a drag strip. I’ve told the police and they’ve caught some of them but not enough,” Mr Avery said. 

He fears someone will be killed if something’s not done soon. 

“I just don’t want an ambulance scene. Two (accidents) in ten days. What’s next?” 

“I’m shocked and bloody annoyed at irresponsible drivers driving too fast. Something’s got to be done because next time there will be an ambulance out the front,” he said.  

“I want stop sign or a give way sign because you know what’s going to happen? Somebody’s going to be killed.

“It’s got to stop,” Mr Avery said.

Warrnambool City councillor Peter Sycopoulis, works with Mr Avery and visited the scene on Friday evening.

Cr Sycopoulis said he would bring the intersection to the attention of councillors at Monday night’s council meeting.

He wants traffic calming measures such as rumble strips or a tactile deterrents implemented, or at least trialled at the intersection. 

“There’s no stop sign, give way sign or lines” Cr Sycopolous noted.

Mr Avery said his front fence would have to be demolished and replaced, estimating a new one would cost between $4,000 and $7,000.

Mr Avery’s neighbours Chloe Baulch and Les Corrin have three young children and echoed his sentiments.

The couple said hoon drivers frequented the stretch every night.

“There’s nothing to slow them down.

“I don’t know how more accidents don’t happen around here. It’s just crazy. It’s everyday,” Ms Baulch said. 

 “We want not just a sign, but something that’s going to slow them down. Speed humps or something. They use this as a race track, Mr Corrin said. 

“We’re just lucky that (car) didn’t end up in here,” Mr Corrin added. 


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