Candidates' interests high in region’s state election upper house seats

A MULTITUDE of minor parties from the left and right have indicated they will run candidates for the region’s upper house seats.

Parties representing civil libertarianism, Christian conservatism, hard socialism, pro-cyclist, alternative environmentalism and an anti-smart meter platform will all seek to be placed on the Legislative Council ballot at the November state election.

Ballarat woman Anne Foster has been announced as the Australian Christians’ lead candidate, following on from an unsuccessful tilt at last year’s federal election.

People Power Victoria state secretary Marc Florio said his party would stand for the region’s upper house seats although no one had been selected yet.

Family First has also indicated interest in running for Western Victoria after getting close to securing a seat at the 2010 state election.

Geelong small businessman Joshua Reimer ran for the social conservative party at the last election, although Family First state administrator Shane Clark said no specific candidate had been confirmed.

Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten also confirmed it would stand a candidate but again, no specific representative has been selected.

Democratic Labour Party MP Peter Kavanagh represented Western Victoria for a single term between 2006 and 2010 but suggested he would not run again. The DLP is yet to indicate whether it will run for Western Victoria or not.

Save the Planet will run Melbourne environmentalist Adrian Whitehead while Socialist Alliance confirmed it will only run lower house candidates.

The Australian Cyclist Party is seeking to be registered by the Victorian Electoral Commission with its founder Omar Khalifa suggesting the fledgling party would run in every upper house region.

Ms Foster’s announcement brings the total number of declared candidates for Western Victoria to 10 people. 

The Coalition will run MPs Simon Ramsay and David O’Brien alongside a third contender, while Labor will run MPs Gayle Tierney and Jaala Pulford and former Warrnambool mayor Jacinta Ermacora.

Moyne Shire mayor James Purcell will run for his Vote1 Local Jobs party, Anglesea businessman Garry Kerr for the Country Alliance while The Greens will run Lloyd Davies and Judith Cameron.

Candidates* as of August 12:

Australian Christians: Anne Foster

Coalition: Simon Ramsay, David O’Brien

Greens: Lloyd Davies, Judith Cameron

Labor: Gayle Tierney, Jaala Pulford, Jacinta Ermacora

Save the Planet: Adrian Whitehead

Vote1 Local Jobs: James Purcell

*DLP, Palmer United, People Power, Sex Party and Family First all expected to announce candidates.


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