Fault warning on boat safety beacons

WATER police have urged boat users to ensure their safety equipment is up-to-date and operational after a product recall.

The prompt comes after the product safety recall issued for GME brand emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRB). 

A fault has been identified in the microprocessor of some units that effectively shuts down the beacon. 

Members of the water police, along with the manufacturer, are concerned that some beacons may not work in an emergency situation. The EPIRBs in question were manufactured between January 2005 and February 2008. 

Acting Sergeant Cory Pickersgill, of the water police, said the EPIRB was a vital part of the safety equipment that should be on all boats. 

“The thought of a vigilant boat user taking all steps necessary to ensure they have the right equipment, only to find their EPIRB fails them in an emergency, concerns me,” he said. 

“People don’t need to become stressed over the safety recall, providing they take a few simple steps to ensure their device hasn’t been affected. I would encourage all those in possession of an EPIRB to check who the manufacturer is and take a look at their website.”

Acting Sergeant Pickersgill said the company in question had sufficient information on its website that would provide further advice on what action to take. 

“Failing that, call the manufacturer direct and have your query addressed,” he said.


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