Your Liebig Street revamp | Survey summary

WE asked and you answered - here are your suggestions to improve Warrnambool's main street.

Thoughtful responses from 74 of our readers have been summarised below to give an overview of our online survey on the proposed Liebig Street renovation.

For a chance to truly voice your opinion on the issue, don't miss the Warrnambool City Council's workshops on May 20 at the Uniting Church. The events will be held at 9.30am and 5.30pm, with mock-up blueprints on display the following day.

Survey responses below are summarised to remove repeated issues; however, the council will be sent full answers for consideration.

The Warrnambool City Council has suggested the Liebig Street redevelopment could be the CBD's biggest facelift yet.

The Warrnambool City Council has suggested the Liebig Street redevelopment could be the CBD's biggest facelift yet.

The vibe of it.

The roundabouts should never be changed to give pedestrians the right of way. This would cause traffic chaos.

Having the ability to eat and drink outside.

Four lanes are good so you can get through while those in the left lane muck around parking

The easy accessibility for all, including public transport proximity, car access including parking, bike access and pedestrian activity.

Public art.

The serenity.

Mid-street pedestrian crossings of some kind are important to enhance pedestrian safety.

The shopping strip in the middle is lovely and similar shops, which is great.

There is nothing that should not be considered for change.

Tidy displays of goods - which don't block the pathway. 

Entrances which are kept clean/tidy/freshly painted.

Good food restaurants... but they are at the bottom end of Liebig Street.

There is generally a good range of shops. 

Trees, controlled non-blocking footpath dining. 

Well-maintained and presented shop facades, roundabout gardens.

Roundabouts are effective traffic distributors, and Council does a good job of making these beautiful through plantings of flowers. 

Angle parking is easy to use. 

Increased lane way use is great! The laneway bar was just the start of something that could be massive! Cities around the world are trying to do what Melbourne does so well in this area.

Boutique stores. Leave the chains for Gateway.

Some readers are sick of seeing underused arcades and vacant shops on Liebig Street.

Some readers are sick of seeing underused arcades and vacant shops on Liebig Street.

Too many vacant shops.

People with the misery on their faces - just smile more. 

Cars having right of way over pedestrians at roundabouts, combined with four lanes of traffic. Makes the entire street unfriendly to foot traffic.

Cars "double parking", waiting or hoping for a car park to become vacant.

Taxi lane right near the main roundabout of Liebig & Lava Street.

The road needs ripped up and resurfaced.

The racks/stalls in the street. 

The four lanes down Liebig street!

Ugly, underused malls linking main street and Target car park.

Exposure to the southerly winds.

Traders parking in car parks.

Big chain "bargain" stores, lack of unique independent stores, paid parking.

Dirty footpaths, derelict shopfronts and unpainted facades, rubbish, bikes and anything else that unreasonably blocks pedestrian traffic, vandalised seating, empty shops that present a feeling of gloom.

Single lane roundabouts in CBD.

Heritage listings are keeping it in the stone age. Old building which once stood next to the cinema which burnt down was the only one worth keeping beside our churches.

Parking, weather, the quality of the shops (as all the good ones have gone out of town, e.g Gateway/Homemaker).

The restaurant strip at south end should be improved - there are some lovely places but there are some very dodgy places that require a facelift or relocating. There is an opportunity to create a vibrant and classy area - especially with gallery and theatre nearby but it is let down by some of the venues.

Bottlenecking of roundabouts makes traffic bank up during holiday and summer periods.

Too many trees which reduces car parks.

Property owners charging way too much for rent.

Cars travelling through Liebig Street. It should be a pedestrian mall.

Cracked bitumen from trees which should never have been given the OK for planting - totally the wrong type.

The inconsistency of awning design along shopfronts. 

The street isn't safe for cyclists, due to high traffic volumes and the frequency of cars entering and reversing out of angle parking. This is a shame, as the street is of a suitable camber for cycling and could be a viable corridor. 

There is an absence of rest spaces in the northern end of the street - spaces that invite visitors to stay/eat/rest. The benches present simply look straight at shopfronts.

Al fresco dining with tables at the street edge, which are unable to use when raining. 

Clothing racks in the middle of the street. 

Poor public transport information. 

Wet tree leaves in winter are a slipping hazard! 

Horrible street sculpture at corner of Koroit and Liebig Street.

Lack of police presence to ward off young hooligans swearing across the streets and spitting on the ground when people are trying to eat food. 

Roundabouts are a popular issue to address, but some readers simply want the Liebig Street clocks displaying the correct time.

Roundabouts are a popular issue to address, but some readers simply want the Liebig Street clocks displaying the correct time.

The beautiful mouldings at the tops of some buildings should be restored and made more of a feature. Old details like this keep the character

I love Wunta in the city, we should aim for more of this type of festival.

Just one speed bump or something to that affect will stop lowered and modified cars by hoons, causing what I would say is more than half of the traffic congestion/noise pollution.

Double up the Ozone car park by making it multi-level and make Liebig Street into Liebig Mall... Similar to Bourke Street or Bridge Mall.

Create a place like Port Campbell where cars and pedestrians mix.

We have lots of small urban grain blocks, maybe we could trial some chambered corners to try and activate the corners of each corner with more space to work with.

Create a modern pedestrianised section at the bottom of Liebig Street like Manley in NSW and attract more eateries and bars.

A bit of free live entertainment.

Need street art like Georgetown in Malaysia.

Create a slow speed environment - 20 or 30km per hour? A shared space where cars are allowed in limited numbers but are "guests". 

More trees / foliage to soften the overall look of the street.

Demolish around 20 of the vacant shops in the area to make way for one discount department store in the CBD, mainly Big W.

Encourage more shop diversity...boutiques etc.

I think council should impose a cap on rent so it will be more inviting for new business, instead of seeing empty shops.

The old and tatty facades above the shops could be renovated or cleaned up. 

There should be incentives for landlords to beautify the streetscape (eg. awning designs, shopfronts).

Removal of roundabout flower beds that become overgrown and block the view of oncoming cars in most roundabouts in the CBD.

Look at the layout in 1990 when it used to work. Remove the parking meters - it's free at all the shopping centres.

Get the clock working. 

Clean up the facades of the shop fronts. 

Make a continuous veranda along the street so we don't get wet in winter.

Outdoor eating for cafes and better utilisation of the laneways so cafes can use them as outdoor dining as well. 

Some five minute parking so you can run in and grab takeaway if you need to.

Removing bottle-necking in main street.

Remove half of the trees. 

Firstly a new large parking area in the middle of Raglan Parade (preferably free parking), then a mall with fine foods prioritising local produce from local farms and businesses to give people a fresh local alternative to the big supermarkets. 

A children's indoor playground perhaps. Let's keep Warrnambool family friendly and promote local assets and products. 

I think it is an attractive and inviting way to invite people to walk into a business when the front of the business has large bi-fold doors that open up the whole front of the shop to the people on the street, maybe it's a feng-sui thing?

Classical music to deter loiterers.

Free parking for workers.

Port Fairy thrives on its heritage, but we've stuffed ours, so go modern but don't go half-hearted.

Newcastle had a problem with too many empty shop fronts and local artists were allowed to display their work for free and it became so popular it is now a well-visited tourist art district. Shop fronts became profitable art galleries and art supply shops.

More street art, not just ugly singular sculptures, but murals, buskers, better food venues, local art, food market stalls on weekend. 

Add some life to the place. Presently it's dull with repetitive clothing shops and cheap stuff shops.

Introduction of shared use/pedestrian priority zones. 

More footpath dining, and widened areas to accommodate these, with possible wind shelters. 

Paving footpaths with Bamstone as per Melbourne, instead of hot-mix which isn't attractive. 

Reduction of traffic to one lane each direction, with a centre green strip planted with plane trees, as per Lygon Street's design. This will allow a dedicated bike lane to be introduced along both sides of Liebig Street.

New buildings with underground/undercover parking. It's wet here for six months of the year.

A small information window - "you are here" - type thing telling visitors where those horrible automatic toilets are, plus the bus terminal, Coles, the big four banks. 

There should be harmony within the three sections of the street - it should be cleaned up and the tenants/landlords should be enforced to keep buildings in good condition. 


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