Long service medals for 39 Weerite Rural Fire Brigade members

Weerite Rural Fire Brigade members certainly are stayers — many have been firefighters for almost as long as the brigade has been in action.

Thirty-nine of them have been presented with CFA medals recognising their combined service of more than 1120 years.

Bruce Gent is typical of the dedicated team having recently turned 70, about the same time as the brigade marked its 60th anniversary, but he has no thoughts of giving up his membership or role as communications officer for several brigades in the region.

He was presented with a 40-year CFA service medal at the diamond anniversary dinner.

Brigade secretary Brian Boyd and the brigade’s oldest member Ian Davis were given 50-year medals while 45-year medals were given to Peter Hay and Max Whytcross.

Three generations of Boyds have been in the brigade and held office positions for 58 years.

“We are a very close-knit brigade — it’s just like a big family,” Brian Boyd told The Standard this week.

“Among our members are six women who have been doing telephone contact work for 25 years or more.

“This season we responded to 15 call-outs since December with two in the past week — normally we’d get 10 or 12.

“Ian Davis is in his mid 70s, but was on a firefront just before our presentation night.”

Service awards were presented to: 50 years: Ian Davis, Brian Boyd.

45 years: Peter Hay, Max Whytcross, Ian Boyd, Mick Conheady, Bruce Gent, Ron Jones, David Lucas, Greg Lucas, Edward Manifold, Robert Manifold.

35 years: Barb Boyd, Sue Boyd, Frank Conheady, Mary Hay, Glenda Lucas, Doug Robertson, Val Whytcross.

30 years: Tom Lenehan, Phil Whytcross, Steve Wright.

25 years: Michael Bullingham, Rick Delaney, Margaret Lucas, Joanne Robertson, James Munro.

20 years: Mark Boyd, Greg Conheady.

15 years: David Beal, Craig Boyd, Ken Lenehan, Wes Lenehan, Heather McKinnon.

10 years: Mick Lenehan, Jason Swayn.

5 years: Ted Inguanti, Chris Spokes and Kylie Spokes. 

Certificates of appreciation to Geoff Justin and Vern Wright.


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