Killarney refocuses after losing points for team sheet error

KILLARNEY is confident it can sew up second spot in the Grassmere Cricket Association’s final round this weekend, despite losing points for a team sheet error.

An independent tribunal stripped the Crabs of six points for their round 13 win against Purnim on Wednesday night.

No points were awarded for the match, leaving the Bulls in fifth spot with one round to play.

Killarney skipper Brett Halliwell named the same player twice on the Crabs’ team sheet.

The association’s executive investigated the double up  and ruled no action would be taken against the Crabs.

Purnim appealed the decision, sending it to an independent tribunal hearing. 

Halliwell said Killarney accepted the tribunal’s finding and was fully focused on finishing its home-and-away season with a win.

The Crabs play Wangoom tomorrow and Sunday. The first and second-placed teams have the advantage of picking semi-final grounds the following weekend.

“To be honest the wrong thing was done obviously with me putting a name down twice. It was an honest mistake,” Halliwell said.

“It’s not going to affect us much. We’re still nine points ahead in second spot.

“We just have to win this weekend. It’s business as usual for us.

“We are not worried about anyone else. We have Wangoom and we turn up every week to win and it will be no different on Saturday.”

Purnim captain Greg Bull said the fifth-placed Bulls didn’t want to make finals on a team sheet error.

But Bull said it was important the association ironed out team sheet errors, highlighting the 2012-13 one-day final debacle.

That decider was deemed null and void after Panmure and Killarney were both found in breach of association rules.

“With Killarney losing points it’s a kick for all teams in the league,” Bull said of Wednesday’s night tribunal decision. “It is good for a shake-up and keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure everything is done correctly.

“Rules are there for a reason with team sheets and it’s up to everyone now to take note.

“You don’t want to go to the tribunal two or three times a year for little things. We knew Killarney didn’t do it on purpose and didn’t go out to cheat but mistakes happen a couple of times in the league and they have to look at it.”

All cards must fall Purnim’s way for it to make the two-day finals.

It plays finals-bound Panmure in the final round.

“It is in our own hands,” Bull said.

“We have to win this week and hopefully Hawkesdale do us a favour and knock Grassmere off and that should get us pretty close.”

Association president James Sinnott said the executive accepted the decision.

“We understand and respect the decision made by the independent tribunal and we respect the right for Purnim to lodge the appeal in the first place,” he said.


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