Bail denied for alleged ice dealer

AN alleged Warrnambool ice trafficker has been refused bail after being charged with further offences.

Paul Pratt, 52, of Worland Grove, yesterday applied for and was refused bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court. He has been remanded in custody until next Monday.

Warrnambool police Detective Senior Constable Martin Howells told the court police executed a search warrant on November 29 last year at Mr Pratt’s home.

He said they found crystal methamphetamine, deal bags, digital scales and when interviewed Mr Pratt made admissions to trafficking ice.

Mr Pratt was also charged with trafficking cannabis and possessing the proceeds of crime — $1700 in cash.

He allegedly told police he bought ice for $600 and had packaged it in bags to sell for $100 each.

His mobile telephone indicated he had trafficked ice and cannabis to 10 people in the Warrnambool area.

On Monday this week Mr Pratt signed in on bail at the Warrnambool police station despite being required to report to the Werribee police station.

Police alleged he had failed to report on bail 13 times. Mr Pratt allegedly said he was stuck in Warrnambool because he didn’t have money to buy fuel.

Detective Senior Constable Howells said that on February 7 Mr Pratt was intercepted by police at Bannockburn and he failed to report on bail at Werribee.

He said a search of his car out the front of the police station on Monday located a glass smoking pipe, bags with a Batman logo and prescription medication.

The police officer said Mr Pratt admitted using ice within the past 24 hours.

Detective Senior Constable Howells said police located other bags with the same logo during a separate search on January 3.

He said a person spoken to by police at that time had now made a statement detailing drug activities and that person was concerned about their safety if Mr Pratt was released from custody.

Mr Pratt has now been charged with additional offences including trafficking, possessing and using ice, possessing medication, committing serious offices while on bail and breaching bail conditions.

Police claimed Mr Pratt was an unacceptable risk of committing further offences as he had continued to offend while on bail.

Mr Pratt, who represented himself in court, said no drugs were found in his car on Monday. 

Victorian chief magistrate Peter Lauritsen decided Mr Pratt should be remanded in custody. He is due back in court next Monday for a contest mention hearing.