Accused denied bail after police allege shots fired into Warrnambool unit over $300 debt claim 

AN alleged shooting which caused the lockdown of a Warrnambool street was due to a $300 debt, a court has heard.

Warrnambool Magistrates Court heard the victim feared for his life when he barricaded himself in his bathroom during the attack and waited for police to arrive.

The court heard the victim now feared for his safety and was worried about retribution because he had involved police in the Wanstead Street incident last week.

David Bain, 41, of Wanstead Street, yesterday represented himself in court for a bail application which was refused.

Mr Bain is facing multiple  charges, including reckless conduct endangering serious injury, threat to kill, assault with a weapon, two attempted aggravated burglaries and stalking after an alleged shooting on Friday, January 3.

The court heard that in the weeks leading up to the incident Mr Bain had lived with the victim in Wanstead Street.

Detective Senior Con-stable Nick de Ridder, from Warrnambool crime investigation unit, told the court the victim had asked Mr Bain to find alternative accommodation because he wasn’t complying with Department of Housing rules.

He said on December 9 Mr Bain sent a text to the victim, telling him he owed him $300, which the victim did not recall.

Police alleged Mr Bain then sent a threatening text message telling the victim to pay the money back or be assaulted.

On December 13 the victim returned to the unit and Mr Bain was in an aggravated state of mind.

It’s alleged Mr Bain punched the victim three times and then left. The victim later received a text message which stated if he did not pay the money owing he would be shot.

On December 29 Mr Bain went back to the Wanstead Street unit and there was a fight between the two men,  with the victim’s eye gouged.

On Friday, January 3 Mr Bain went to the unit and demanded the money be paid. Police alleged he was aggressive and threatened the victim that he would “die for this”.

Detective Senior Constable de Ridder said the victim observed a rectangular wooden item tucked into Mr Bain’s pants, which he believed to be a firearm.

The victim locked the security door and heard a loud crack, which he believed was a gunshot.

Mr Bain left and returned 10 minutes later, threatening the victim that he was going to die.

The victim went to the toilet area because he feared Mr Bain was going to shoot him. He then dialled triple-0 and barricaded himself in the toilet.

The victim heard another large bang, which he believed to be a gun shot. 

Police attended and a crime scene was set up.

At 7pm that night Mr Bain walked past the unit and was arrested. 

Police found two empty cartridges in one of Mr Bain’s pockets.

He was intoxicated and later interviewed when he had sobered up.

During the interview he was unco-operative with police and lay on the floor pretending to sleep. 

Detective Senior Constable de Ridder said he feared if Mr Bain was released on bail he would reoffend.

Mr Bain told the court his last appearance in court for a violent crime was 14 years ago and his previous appearances were for driving matters.

He said if bailed he could live with his ex-wife in Camperdown.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said the police case was strong and he was an unacceptable risk that he would commit further offences while on bail.

Mr Bain was remanded in custody to appear in court on March 17.

David Bain, 41, of Wanstead Street, yesterday represented himself in court for a bail application which was refused.

David Bain, 41, of Wanstead Street, yesterday represented himself in court for a bail application which was refused.