Bollywood stars strike a pose

FUN4Kids has brought a touch of Bollywood to Warrnambool this year.

Melbourne-based Bollywood dance teacher Parvyn Singh is holding Indian dance workshops every day at the V/Line Action Stations stage as part of the festival program.

Yesterday’s morning group learnt upbeat choreography to The Pussycat Dolls’ cover of A. R. Rahman’s renowned song Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).

Parvyn said she was enjoying being able to introduce children and their parents to Indian instruments and dance. “It’s about cultural education as well as having a good time,” she told The Standard.

“So they get more awareness and understanding … it’s not like Melbourne where you see different cultures all the time.

“I want them to learn something as well.”

Parvyn, who is part of 11-piece Melbourne band The Bombay Royale, began touring the world as a child with her father Dya Singh and his music group.

“I decided to make music and dance my livelihood,” she said.

Parvyn’s husband Josh Bennett accompanies her performances with a variety of Indian musical instruments.

The pair will hold workshops three times a day for the rest of the festival.