Lost ring found after 30 years

Source: Port Pirie Recorder

An engagement ring lost 30 years ago has been found in Wandearah, north west of Adelaide, in what can only be described as a miracle.    

Denise and Laurence Joyce were celebrating the return of the ring just before Valentines Day last week.  

The couple wed in 1956 and the ring went missing in 1983.  

Mr and Mrs Joyce remember that day, when the ring was lost, as though it was yesterday.  

They were living on a farm in Wandearah West and popped in next door to their son Robert's farm on the way to Port Pirie. 

"I had taken the ring off to put my hand cream on," Mrs Joyce said.  

"So it would have been on my lap.  

"I didn't realise it was missing until I arrived in Port Pirie."  

Mrs Joyce remembers how terrible it was to lose the ring.  

"I was just completely beside myself and devastated," she said. 

"It really did plague me."  

Robert, their son, would pray that the ring would be found, and now his prayers have been answered.  

While working on the farm replacing a seed plougher under trees, grandson Daniel saw something sparkling.  

He picked it up, and Robert recognised it as his mother’s wedding ring. 

"Robert has been saying whenever he walked home from the sheds, 'please God would you show me mum's ring’," Laurence Joyce said.  

"It took 30 years to get the answer".  

When Robert placed the ring in his mother's hand, she was astounded.  

"I just couldn't really believe it would be found after this many years," she said.  

 "He said, don't you recognise it?"

Mrs Joyce said she was "delighted" for the ring to be in the condition that is in.  

She took the ring to be cleaned last week and it now looks as good as new. 

The gold band on the ring belonged to Mrs Joyce's grandmother.

Asked if she would treasure the ring from now on, she was adamant that she would   

"I sure will"," she said.  

Laurence Joyce bought the ring from a jeweller on Ellen Street in 1956 and proposed at Easter.  

He remembers looking for the ring for days and days after it went missing.   

"I'm just completely elated about this," he said. 

"I can't explain how much the hurt was to lose it."  

He said where the ring was found would be about 70-metres away from where it went missing.

He was pleased that Daniel found the ring, and said it "couldn't have happened to a nicer person".  

"He thinks Grandma's special," Mr Joyce said. 

Denise and Laurence Joyce standing at the Wandearah West farm where her engagement ring was found by grandson Daniel recently.

Denise and Laurence Joyce standing at the Wandearah West farm where her engagement ring was found by grandson Daniel recently.


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