Farewell to a beautiful city

My wife and I have been living in Warrnambool for the past 14 months, although we just moved back to Geelong.

My reason for writing is to say thank you to the local council for their incredible way in which the city is looked after. 

We personally have never seen a township so wonderfully looked after. 

The gardens are superb, and the lawns around the city are always in fantastic condition. 

I have never seen this before, including living in Darwin for four years, and in Melbourne for 30 years prior to that. 

We lived in Hickford Parade and to walk each day along the promenade and the beauty of it was spectacular.

We found the people of Warrnambool very friendly and embracing of newcomers to their city.

Reverend Paul and Anne Downie, Hickford Parade, Warrnambool