United approach best way ahead for farmers

I applaud the farmers who have stood up and decided enough is enough. It is this united front we need to gain a voice that is loud enough to make a difference. 

I publicly congratulate the organisers and look forward to a continued combined voice to find solutions to our plight. 

Farmers offer the nation valuable services and manage assets that are vital to all our futures. Stewardship is something we take very seriously, especially our responsibility towards animals and the environment. 

This is an industry that feeds us and looks after much of our land surface — our nation’s environment; a landscape that requires skilled and personal or business recourses to keep it up to scratch. Liam Ryan has reinforced the need for us to work together. 

As the UDV farmer representative for our region, I want nothing more than to work with all who can make a difference. 

The new energy and commitment harnessed by Farmer Power, together with the structure and recourses of the United Dairy Farmers of Victoria, presents us with the opportunity to work together to explore meaningful ways to a better future. 

Although not easy, it is an absolute necessity as farming is and will continue to be a critical part of the future of Australian food security.

Roma Britnell, Woolsthorpe, farmer representative of the United Dairy Farmers of Victoria