Plan carefully: harbour is not all about boats

Congratulations to our councillors for resisting pressure and continuing to investigate the potential harbour development in a considered, rational manner. 

The interests of part of the boating community and industry are not the only interests in the harbour area. 

Other recreational users of the harbour area and our precious local environment also have interests, even if they are not expressed loudly. 

The majority of people who use the harbour area are not launching boats. 

They are walking, cycling, fishing from the breakwater, dining and admiring the views. 

The nearby Merri Marine Sanctuary should not be jeopardised by the introduction of marine pest species that increased boating traffic may bring. 

The long-wave action that makes Warrnambool harbour a difficult launching place at times can never be completely stopped. Please continue to explore possibilities for the harbour in a careful, logical way so that any decisions made are not the cause of future regrets.

Bruce Campbell, group leader Coastcare Landcare Group, Maxwell Grove, Warrnambool