Change the law

Towards the end of my year as president for 2012 of the Moyne Residents and Ratepayers Group Inc, I sent letters to the Law Reform Commission, as well as to the Law Reform Committee at Parliament House, regarding a technicality of procedure at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, in the case of Moyne Shire versus Ace Radio, which is a case that ended in a gross injustice for John B. Howard, a local farmer.

Also, due to other farmers’ concern, in my position as secretary for the Sustainable Agriculture and Communities Alliance Inc (SACA), I sent letters to the Attorney General and other government departments about the above case.  It is procedure at VCAT that evidence withheld or not presented in a previous case cannot be presented at a subsequent case on the same matter. This is plainly nonsensical. 

This matter must have a bearing on any number of cases and I am sure that the case of John B. Howard is not the only one that has ended in gross injustice due to the prevention of evidence being presented.  It is time that the law was changed in order to allow the presentation of the evidence that was not presented at VCAT.

It would be a stand for real justice if the Liberal government was to change this minor law.

Gillian Blair, secretary SACA Inc, Warrumyea Road, Panmure