Funding dissent

AMATEUR fishermen in Warrnambool have been waging a campaign to encourage the city council to spend a large sum on upgrading launching facilities for large boats. They say that the existing boat ramp is inadequate and this is losing the city millions of dollars annually due to out-of-towners having to go elsewhere to launch and retrieve their boats. 

The main quarry of these fishermen is the annual swim-by of bluefin tuna, whose conservation status is rated as critically endangered. Also, I do not share the pride of those fishermen shown alongside a dead thresher shark in The Standard photo of January 5. The thresher shark is harmless and is rated as vulnerable to extinction.

If the council is to spend money on harbour improvements, I suggest that it be found by tapping into the “millions being lost” and not my rates.

Graham Keith, Daltons Road, Warrnambool