Men deny stealing cattle near Camperdown

TWO men who have denied stealing cows from near Camperdown will face court next month.

Mark Bannam, 42, of Phillips Street, Heywood, and William Hawker, 58, of Batemans Road, Naroghid, have been charged with stealing Friesian heifers. 

Their case was mentioned briefly in Warrnambool Magi-strates Court on Tuesday, when both men indicated they would fight the charges.

Mr Bannam and Mr Hawker will appear again in Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 4 for a five-day contested hearing at 10am.

In August last year the case was adjourned so the defence could conduct their own DNA tests on the cattle.

At the time, defence counsel Simon Gillespie-Jones said the defence team wanted its own veterinarian to examine the cows in question.

It also wanted to take DNA samples under police supervision, photograph the cattle and carry out tests on the DNA samples.

He said the case involved an ownership dispute between two people regarding the heifers.