Phone bill concern

Since the Telstra exchange fire, we have heard Telstra bosses say how everything will be fine, sorry for the time to restore services, which we can’t blame them for that, and the people of affected areas will have bills put on hold. 

We all thought to ourselves ‘cool’ but will it happen? I thought no, we are going to argue with them after bills have been sent before we receive anything, and I think I am right. 

How many people out there received their bill and thought “hang-on” should we be paying the full amount of a plan when we had no service? Or the people who just paid because it was there? I received my mobile bill which sat here until the due date before I decided to ring Telstra and question it. 

Funny how no one has heard about the fire, but after telling them they wipe the bill. Is it Telstra’s way of getting the cash from people until they say something about it? 

Because it seems that way to me. You would think all affected areas would go into their system so the billing mail-out would not reach us, but it seems like we have to do the chasing. 

I will see what happens when, if, the home phone and internet bill turns up now.

Mark McKenna, Laverock Road, Warrnambool


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