Keep it clean

IN relation to the incident at the outdated Warrnambool boat ramp on January 4 where a car slipped into the water while launching a boat.

I recently launched my boat at the St Leonards boat ramp and was impressed at how clean the ramp was. It had obviously been pressure-cleaned, which would not be a big job. 

To pressure-clean the Warrnambool boat ramp would take about four hours’ work, if not less time.

I am a regular user of the Warrnambool boat ramp, as recently as January 3. On that day and other days as well I had to steady myself on the ramp to be careful not to slip over with all the slimy growth on the ramp. While not overcoming the swell issue it would help to make the ramp a little safer.

It’s not the first time a car has slipped backwards on the ramp while launching there and it won’t be the last unless something is done.

I would like to urge the council to do something at the ramp until there is a new one put in place.

Peter McSween, McKinnons Bridge Road, Noorat


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