Paramedic at peace with his new world in Timboon

A JOB opportunity in Timboon has meant a whole new life for Melbourne-born-and-raised Sean Lowell.

Mr Lowell, a MICA paramedic, was fed up with the fast pace of the big city and decided to apply for a paramedic position in Timboon advertised in late 2009.

His application was successful and after visiting Timboon for the first time, he knew it was the right move.

“It was the middle of summer and I just remember thinking how green it got as you came towards Timboon and then you drove down the hill towards the village and it just struck me as a really nice place,” Mr Lowell said.

“I met a few of the locals and they were really nice. It seemed like a good fit and I’ve been proven right because I love it down here.”

After renting for three months, Mr Lowell purchased 5.2 hectares and has subsequently accumulated a menagerie of pets, including dogs, horses, goats, sheep and pigs. He also dedicates some of his spare time to being a volunteer wildlife rescuer with Wildlife Victoria.

“I just love animals and when I got down here I asked around and people told me Annie Fraser (who runs the local wildlife shelter) was the local guru,” he said.

“I went to see her and she asked if I would look after Chloe (the koala), so that is how it happened and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Mr Lowell said he found enjoyment in surfing, sailing and motorbike riding.

He said he rarely had to leave Timboon for anything he needed, but Warrnambool was only 40 minutes away if he did.

“If I really need anything I go to Warrnambool, but I hardly ever have to go anywhere. The supermarket is here and Landmark for the animals. I’ve got everything I need.”

He said working as a MICA paramedic in Timboon was “heaven” compared to his previous work environment. 

“Melbourne’s pretty busy for an ambo these days. You’re just out and about all the time and most of the people that you see aren’t that sick and they can be pretty rude and nasty,” Mr Lowell said.

“Down here everyone is polite so it makes a huge difference.”

He said the country town was an ideal place to live for those who enjoyed the quieter side of life.

“I just think Timboon especially is a hidden little gem. It’s a beaut spot and I think most people who would enjoy the country life would definitely like it down here.

“One thing I noticed coming straight from Melbourne is that people down here are happy. They walk around smiling and they nod their head as you say g’day.”

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Paramedic Sean Lowell has amassed a menagerie of pets since swapping Templestowe for Timboon four years ago.

Paramedic Sean Lowell has amassed a menagerie of pets since swapping Templestowe for Timboon four years ago.


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