Tarvydas finds new home in Claremont

Just two months after her King Street boutique closed its doors, Ruth Tarvydas has reopened in Claremont's swanky Times Square establishment.

The new store, which neighbours the likes of Ae'lkemi, Poppy Lissiman and CULTSTATUS, launched on December 18, packed with so many socialites, fashion writers and models that guests were spilling out of the store and onto the street.

A spokesman for Tarvydas said the store, which launched with its "Dark Angel" collection, was all about new beginnings for Tarvydas and was "out with the old, in with the new".

When Tarvydas closed her King Street doors in October, she admitted she was being forced to sell her house and car to pay off debtors after paying $30,000 a month in rent.

"I've sold my house, I'm selling my car. I'm doing everything because I love my creditors as much as I love my business but when the banks stop supporting you and unfortunately that was the situation, the rents are too high, you just have to know the best time to exit before things get worse," she told 92.9's Lisa, Paul & Baz in October.

"Unfortunately it's just the way things are and the landlords don't seem to recognise that there's a retail slump and are pretty excited about the Chanel's coming in and unfortunately Tarvydas is going out."

Her Claremont boutique, with an interior styled on Dior, opened just days after Chanel moved in on King Street.

Tarvydas, dressed in her trademark black dress, black hat and heavy black eyeliner, welcomed guests at the VIP launch including Underbelly actress Natasha Leigh, Fashion TV hostess Yasmin Jade Kassim, Perth Fashion Festival director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan, Perth Glory owner Tony Sage, Miss Universe models, businesswoman Bree Maddox and Australia's Got Talent 2011 operatic singer Clara Helms.

Tattooed model Jessica Paige, whose larger-than-life image covers an entire wall in Tarvydas' new store, was also in attendace. The shoot with Paige for the store wall was filmed by documentary makers for the ABC series Boomtown, which delves into the world of Perth entrepreneurs, and will air in April.

This story Tarvydas finds new home in Claremont first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.