Winslow driver nabbed after high-speed Hamilton drama 

POLICE are urging witnesses to come forward after a speeding driver led police on a chase from Tarrington through the streets of Hamilton on Tuesday morning. 

The man aged in his late 30s was detected doing over 120km/h south of Hamilton shortly before 9am. 

Senior Constable Ian McNiven of Hamilton police said police did not engage in pursuit but followed the man at a distance as he weaved in and out of morning traffic and sped through residential streets, including school zones. He said two police units attempted to track the driver in the white four-door utility but disengaged because of the risk. 

“He sped down the Ballarat Road weaving in and out of traffic. A third unit eventually intercepted him on the Hensley Park Road,” Senior Constable McNiven said.

“Police never engaged in a pursuit.” 

The man, from Winslow, is expected to be charged on summons. Any witnesses to the incident should contact Hamilton police.