Man trapped after two-car crash

A driver was a trapped in a vehicle after a two-car collision near the Allansford rest stop on the Princes Highway this morning.

The accident happened when a car pulled out in front of a silver Ford utility travelling east along the highway before 7.30am.

One of the drivers was trapped, suffered minor injuries and was transported to the Warrnambool Base Hospital in an ambulance.

Damage to both vehicles was extensive and emergency services workers said it was fortunate no one was seriously injured or killed.

All Princes Highway traffic was diverted through the Allansford township during the busy pre-school period with State Emergency Service volunteers and police directing traffic.

SES volunteers, police, ambulance and Warrnambool Fire Brigade officers attended the accident scene.

The highway is expected to be opened as soon as the silver twin-cab utility is removed from down an embankment on the south side of the highway.