Nervous wait Down Under for US election outcome

AS the US election unfolded on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Tim Brady nervously awaited the outcome in his Port Fairy home.

“I was a bit worried this time around,” the Californian-born Democrat admitted.

Mr Brady has lived in Port Fairy since 1991 but votes via absentee ballot at each election.

He said he followed the action through the day and on Tuesday evening he was happily toasting Barack Obama’s re-election as president.

“It was plainly obvious four years ago what was going to happen,” Mr Brady said.

“But I think the American people expected nothing short of a miracle — a quick fix turn-around after the incredible damage caused by eight years of the Bush administration.

“That was never going to happen, but I’m glad the majority of people had enough sense to give Obama another four years.

“It’s going to take decades to recover from the hole the US is in with its foreign policy and its economy.

“I’m sure in California there would have been a lot of backslapping and sighs of relief, and probably a few tears of disappointment as well.”

Mr Brady said he had contacted his Democrat friends in the US but hadn’t spoken with his Republican mates.

“I’ve heard from friends who wanted the same result that I wanted (and) they were overjoyed,” he said.

“But a few of my closest friends are sitting on the other side of the fence and I don’t talk politics with them. It doesn’t go anywhere.”

Mr Brady said he returns to the US once a year to visit friends and family, but major events such as the election made him pine for his former home.

“When big things happen it does make me miss (the US) because that’s where my roots are,” he said. “I remember when 9/11 happened and I was just sitting here in Port Fairy, just distraught.”

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