BAYWATCH: Maremma man says dogs need human help

A CALL to arms to protect Middle Island’s penguin colony has been issued.The godfather of the Maremma project, Allan “Swampy” Marsh, wants to develop a daily surveillance roster of residents to patrol the Stingray Bay precinct.The Dennington egg farmer’s ambitious proposal comes after a string of trespassers and vandals breached the ban on entering the island.“We have an untapped resource here of people who walk along the foreshore,” Mr Marsh said.“We would need a minimum of 10 people a day who could keep an eye on the island for about an hour a time.”Two weeks ago four penguin chicks were found dead after trespassers trampled nests and smashed security cameras. It was the fourth known attack on the island since the start of the season. Mr Marsh said while foxes and wild dogs were once regarded as the penguins’ primary predator, it seemed “the two-legged foxes” were now the biggest threat.

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