Andrew Young free to return and live with his Warrnambool family

UPDATE, Monday, 7.45am: A LONG-TIME Warrnambool ice addict has had his sentencing deferred for a staggering seventh time in the koori division of the Warrnambool Magistrates Court after more “dirty” drug screens.

Andrew Young, 27, of Crawley Street, previously pleaded guilty to about 30 charges in a long-running saga after progressing from selling dodgy electronics on buy, swap and sell websites to burglaries.

Young was bailed to attend the Young the Wulgunggo Ngalu ​L​earning ​P​lace last year but last only a couple of days before leaving.

He was sent back to the rehab centre and spent about 70 days before returning home over the Christmas break.

Young has been back living with his partner and children – but, he’s still taking drugs.

He is currently supported by the Court Integrated Services Program which assists people on bail.

Defence counsel Belinda Northey said her client admitted to continued use, when he was at home and alone, but he had not been using regularly.

She said he clearly looked better than when he previously attended court.

Young said he was not working and he got bored being at home all day. 

“That’s the only reason really,” he said in explanation of his drug use.

The court heard that two positive drug screens were at lower levels than in the past.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Young’s continued drug use was “really disappointing” after a significant stay in a rehab centre.

“I’m not sure why you are using when you’ve done so well,” she said.

The magistrate was reluctant to finalise sentencing, saying that removing the “hammer” of sentencing deferral could see Young back offend.

Ms Toose said if she put Young on a community corrections order and he continued using drugs he would be in breach of his court order.

She deferred sentencing until March 23, saying that in the time before that hearing it would be clear in which direction Young was heading.

“We don’t want you to fall off the wagon when you have tried so hard,” she said.

In October 2016 Young's home​,​ that he shared with his partner and ​four young children​, ​burnt down.

He once sold a fridge on a Facebook page that only had a working light.

January 12: A LONG-TIME Warrnambool ice addict has been given permission to leave rehabilitation after spending 70 days at a live-in facility.

Andrew Young, 27, of Crawley Street, pleaded guilty in the Koori division of the Warrnambool Magistrates Court during October last year to about 30 charges.

He progressed from selling dodgy electronics on buy, swap and sell websites to burglaries.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose had bailed Young to attend at the Wulgunggo Ngalu ​L​earning ​P​lace but he returned to Warrnambool for three weeks over Christmas.

This week police opposed the change of bail conditions, saying that it was recommended by the centre that participants stay for between six and nine months.

Ms Toose approved that Young leave and live with his partner and four children in Crawley Street.

She received a progress report from Wulgunggo Ngalu which she said was fantastic.

"This could be a really significant turning point in your life," she told Young.

"You've done well in the centre. Good progress has been made. You discharged yourself after missing your family previously. How confident are you that you will not relapse?" she asked.

Young said he was "pretty confident".

Young will now restart a community corrections order which aims to provide him support, including assistance from a Western Region Drug and Alcohol centre worker.

Young is also expected to start a men's behaviour change program in March.

He will be back in koori court on February 16 and was bailed until that day with conditions he live with his family, not drive and not consume alcohol or drugs.

Young went to to the rehab centre on bail and was warned if he didn't stay he could expect to be jailed.

The previous time Young went to the centre he lasted just two days before going home.

"Meth amphetamine is a difficult drug and may take a number of attempts to get off. You have expressed a desire to attend the centre and have the motivation of spending meaningful time with your children in future," Ms Toose told him.

Young's offending involved driving offences, breaching a bail curfew, breaking into a cricket club and stealing a blower and lawnmower and a burglary at South West Tools.

He also sold a Hummingbird fi​sh finder for $250 and a dish washer for $350 on ​Gumtree and a buy, swap and sell ​Facebook page.

The fish finder wasn't delivered and the dish washer didn't work​, although he hooked it up to show the electronics were in working order.