Bruce Couch shows signs of improvement after quad bike accident

Nirranda's Bruce Couch is improving after a quad bike accident mid December.
Nirranda's Bruce Couch is improving after a quad bike accident mid December.

UPDATE, Wednesday, noon: FORMER Moyne shire mayor Bruce Couch is continuing to improve after suffering a brain injury in a quad bike accident during December.

His son ​Corey said Bruce was continuing to slowly make progress.

“He is getting better. He’s come a long way. He’s moved into a rehab place. He’s up and walking around, talking and feeding himself,” her said.

“He’s ​still got a long way to go. He says a lot. A lot of stuff comes out, sometimes it’s a bit jumbled up.

“He knows family members and he’s had a few visitors. He knows who they are, but the recovery is going to be a long journey.”

Corey said it was hoped that in the next week or 10 days his father would be moved to a rehabilitation facility in Geelong.

“That would be great for everyone. Dad’s brain just has to heal. Things are a lot more positive. The staff ask him 12 questions a day and today was the first time he got all 12 right,” he said.

January 10: FORMER Moyne shire mayor Bruce Couch is showing signs of improvement after a quad bike accident in mid December.

His son ​Corey said that after a less than positive initial diagnosis his father was now taking positive steps.

"He's slowly coming along," he said.

"He's now awake and saying a few words. He had a conversation with Mum. He knows who she is ​and asked for a drink of water, which was very positive."

M​r Couch said his father's outlook soon after the accident was far less hopeful.

"Early on it wasn't positive, but with head injuries everyone is different. No one, including the doctors, know how it's going to pan out. You could have three people in the same situation and three completely different outcomes," he said.

"There's no spinal damage​, but he has a lot of broken stuff, ​​including ribs, but that's minor compared to the brain injury.

"He asked Mum ​for a drink of water ​and that was a big step forward. He seems to be on the improve​. It will  take a long time ​but his outlook is ​certainly looking a lot better​," he said.

​On December 17, ​the 75-year-old was travelling on Callaghans Road ​near his home when ​he was involved in a quad bike accident just before noon.

​Mr Couch was thrown off his four-wheel motorbike​ after a mechanical fault.

He suffered significant head and body injuries and was flown to  at Melbourne in a critical condition.