Owen Stockton applies for bail, bail application adjourned part-heard until Wednesday

A HAMILTON man charged with a weekend crime spree will be back in court on Wednesday for the continuation of a part-heard bail application.

Owen Keith Stockton, 36, now of King Street, applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday and that hearing will continue in Hamilton today.

He has been charged with 12 offences, including aggravated burglary and two counts of attempted aggravated burglary.

Police allege Mr Stockton broke into a woman's home while she was asleep at 4.15am Sunday, but he woke her up and then fled after she questioned what he was doing.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose adjourned the hearing of the case until Wednesday at the Hamilton Magistrates Court, wanting to hear from witnesses where Mr Stockton could live.

Police alleged that Mr Stockton only had a couple of prior court appearances in the ACT, but further investigations by detectives revealed that Mr Stockton has an extensive history of prior court appearances in New South Wales.

In Monday's hearing, police alleged that Mr Stockton entered the rear door of a home in Bree Road while the woman who lived there was asleep.

He turned on lights, awoke the woman, who asked him what he was doing, prompting him to flee.

The woman described the intruder as wearing a red hoodie.

The woman noticed her handbag was missing which contained her wallet, cash and bank cards.

A stubbie of Carlton Dry beer had also been stolen from an Esky.

Between 3.30am and 4.30am Mr Stockton is alleged to have entered an unlocked car in nearby Kenna Avenue where he stole a backpack and motorcycle gloves.

He then tried to enter a house by entering the front door of a home, which was captured on security camera footage.

He was still wearing the distinctive red hoodie and was described as being a very short man.

At 5.15am Mr Stockton was alleged to have cut three flywire screens to try and get into a Windsor Drive home.

The resident, who was home alone, turned on lights which triggered Mr Stockton fleeing.

At 6am it was alleged that Mr Stockton went to a Grosvenor Place home where he entered an unlocked vehicle.

A resident heard the car door close and the back door of their house rattle.

The resident saw a man wearing a red hoodie climbing over the back fence.

Cash and a GPS unit were missing from the car.

The resdient drove around, Mr Stockton is alleged to have entered a garage and was disturbed by a resident.

It's alleged that Mr Stockton waved a box cutter at that resident.

The intruder smashed pot plants and a mail box, valued at a total of $200 and took two packets of cigarettes.

Police soon after arrested Mr Stockton near the intersection of Hensley Park Road and King Street.

He denied all allegations and claimed he was just walking back to his sister's home.

The box cutter was located on Mr Stockton.

He claimed he was to start a wool classing job on Monday.

"I've never been in trouble for anything like this," he said.