A group of people listened to the same sex marriage vote result at the Warrnambool Art Gallery on Wednesday

Warrnambool Art Gallery curator Ren Gregoric.
Warrnambool Art Gallery curator Ren Gregoric.

WARRNAMBOOL Art Gallery hosted a small group of people who came together to listen to the same sex marriage vote result on Wednesday morning. 

Curator of exhibitions and outreach Ren Gregoric said about 10 people listened to proceedings on Melbourne gay and lesbian radio station Joy 94.9.

ā€œEveryone came in together and they were really looking after each other,ā€ he said.

ā€œI think people were nervous, but they were very happy there was a yes outcome. There was a really positive vibe.ā€

Mr Gregoric said there was an outpouring of gratitude from the group, who thanked the community for supporting the yes vote.

ā€œPeople are not quite sure what is next,ā€ he said.

ā€œThere was a social media build up that the outcome would be around 80 per cent voting yes. I think people were thinking it would be higher than what it was.ā€

He said it was important that people continued to look after each other in the community.

ā€œRemember to keep being positive as we continue on the journey to getting marriage equality,ā€ he said.