South-west dairy farmer calls for greater awareness about milk prices

A FAIR Milk Price Logo Bill would help south-west dairy farmers, but more sweeping changes are needed, according to a south-west dairy farmer.

Farmer Power’s Chris Gleeson said he would welcome a labelling scheme that guaranteed farmers were being paid a fair price.

CALL FOR ACTION: Dairy farmers in the south-west want a fairer price for their milk.

CALL FOR ACTION: Dairy farmers in the south-west want a fairer price for their milk.

“We support this move and call on other state governments to follow suit,” Mr Gleeson said.

“We also call on the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria to join with Farmer Power in lobbying the Victorian state government for this action.

“This would be an important step in re-establishing trust between dairy farmers and processes.”

He said the Queensland government had also committed to acting against dollar milk and he believes the Victorian government should do the same.

“We’ve always said $1 milk is hurting this industry,” Mr Gleeson said.

Farmer Power is also pushing for dairy farmers to be paid for all milk collected from their property within a 14 day period.

Katter Australia Party Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth had proposed a Fair Milk Price Logos Bill in Queensland.

Under Mr Knuth’s Sustainable Queensland Dairy Production (Fair Milk Price Logos) Bill 2016, a logo would inform consumers the milk they’re purchasing pays a dairy farmer a fair and sustainable price.

The bill, which was rejected, would create a voluntary scheme where a milk processor could choose to place a logo on a milk container identifying where the milk is produced and whether the dairy farmers were paid a fair price.

The bill would also create a mechanism for determining what a ‘fair price’ is.

Mr Knuth said the bill would have allowed consumers to purchase milk produced in their region and determine whether the farmer had been paid a fair price.

Mr Knuth had proposed the bill to help save Queensland’s dairy industry, saying it was dying a slow and painful death.

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