Peterborough's Paul Meade to spend more time in jail after family violence incidents

A PETERBOROUGH man​ recorded threatening​ to drive his wife and himself off a cliff has been told he will spend more time in jail.

​​Paul Meade, ​47, ​of Old Peterborough Road, pleaded guilty to offences in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court and has been remanded in custody to be sentenced on March 27.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said the 18 days Meade had spent in custody were not enough.

Defence counsel Xavier Farrelly said his client had been trying to save his marriage and on the day of the offending realised it was over.

"He exploded and acted highly inappropriately," he said

The magistrate said Meade's behaviour towards his wife was controlling, deceiving and blaming.

"It's very, very significant family violence," he said.

"It's intimidating and controlling behaviour," adding that only a term of imprisonment beyond the 18 days already served was appropriate.

The magistrate is having Meade assessed for a community corrections order to provide support after a jail sentence is served.

​The court previously heard Meade's wife taped a 15-minute conversation during which Meade threatened to drive off Thunder Point ​with her in the car.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the case was how domestic homicide incidents started and things could go wrong very quickly.

Meade ​pleaded guilty to  false imprisonment, making a threat to kill, stalking, causing criminal damage and three counts of  resisting arrest. 

A five-year intervention order has been put in place. 

Warrnambool police family violence unit Senior Constable Adrian Dolman said Meade and his wife had separated after 26 years of marriage.

He said that on February 18 Meade went to his wife's home, they discussed their relationship, he yelled at her for drinking​ alcohol​, poured vodka over her and shoved her to the chest.

When she said she was going to contact police, Meade grabbed her mobile phone and threw it in a toilet bowl.

On February 23 Meade demanded the woman's bank card, she went with him to an ATM, took out $150 and he said $200 would be better.

​Days later Meade demanded her card again and she went with him​ again​ to the bank​.

​She told Meade that she would always love him but could not live with him again. 

When he got out of the car, ​she started the recorder on her ​mobile ​phone.

He started screaming and yelling, saying it was her fault he was angry and he wished he could cut her throat.

Meade then said he would drive to Thunder Point where he would kill them both by going over the edge.

On the way to the cliffs, the woman repeatedly asked him to stop driving so fast and ​let her go​.

She tried to pull on the handbrake and to put the car ​out of gear.

Meade ​also continually sent his wife text messages and tried to call her 30 times, continually blaming her for their relationship break-up.

Senior Constable Dolman said that when police arrested Meade he threatened to punch a police officer, resisted police and had to be wrestled, arrested and handcuffed.

Mr Farrelly said it was clear his client was frustrated, distressed and said things he should not have said.

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