Allansford, Panmure prepare for rising waters

About 120 people attended community meetings in Allansford and Panmure on Saturday afternoon to be briefed on the flood situation.

Flood advice

State Emergency Services operations officer Ken Smith reassured the Allansford meeting that crews had done all the could to prepare for the flood, and that the SES would be on standby to help those who needed assistance.

Mr Smith told the meeting that the Hopkins River was now expected to peak from 10pm on Sunday night and earlier in the afternoon for Mount Emu Creek at Panmure.

SES flood advice

“We are ahead of the game,” he said.

“10pm Sunday night, just to reiterate, that is the main peak. You are going to experience a number of level changes as the various peaks come through from local rainfall, the Hopkins River and Mount Emu Creek.

“It’s just the timing of those I can’t tell you...but the main peak is expected to come through after 10pm Sunday night.” 

He said properties in the area had been door knocked.

Allansford’s drainage system had also been blocked and SES crews would be ready to pump any water out of the drainage system back into the river if needed to protect property, Mr Smith said.

He advised residents to listen to the radio, check the SES and Vic Roads websites, check your emergency plan and make sure family, friends and neighbours know what’s going on.

Mr Smith said some residents had been advised to prepare to evacuate, but said that it was unlikely that they would have to leave.

He said it was good emergency crews were able to prepare for what might happen in Allansford and Panmure, unlike Coleraine over a week ago.

He said the SES would work with Casterton and Coleraine to improve flood watch information in the future with plans already under way for a flood study to be completed for the area in conjunction with the catchment management authority.

Warrnambool mayor Kylie Gaston, who attended the Allansford meeting, said she was pleased to hear so many residents offering to help.

“It says something about Allansford, I think,” she said.

“They’ve been very proactive and we’re ahead of the game. The community is very involved and switched on and prepared to help.”

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