'I was terrified. I was screaming', recalls victim's girlfriend of night armed, black-clad, alleged bikies stormed Deer Park home

The girlfriend of a man killed after a group of 13 men allegedly linked to the Rebels bikie gang stormed a Deer Park house on Australia Day in 2014 has told of her terror when confronted by the men dressed in black.

Pamela Anagnostopoulos told the Supreme Court how she had been at the Billingham Road house with her boyfriend, Michael Sleiman, and five friends enjoying a barbecue and smoking a Lebanese shisha pipe when the group of men arrived just after 10pm.

Three men - Adam Power, Jamie Fisher and Matthew Delamothe - have pleaded not guilty to assault, aggravated burglary and the manslaughter of Mr Sleiman, 20, on Sunday, January 26, 2014.

Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth told the jury a second separate trial would be held for a fourth accused man.

Ms Anagnostopoulos revealed how "everyone was sort of running inside the house and windows started getting smashed and the car windows got smashed and then all of sudden these men came storming over the couch, jumping over me".

She said the men were all dressed in black and had some sort of writing on their jackets.

Crown prosecutor Mark Rochford, QC, told the jury the men were mostly wearing clothing associated with the Rebels bikie gang and carrying a variety of weapons, including axes, machetes, chains and baseball bats.

Mr Rochford said the Crown case was that Mr Power, who admitted being a member of the Rebels at the time, Mr Fisher and Mr Delamothe had been with this group of men on the night.

The prosecutor said Mr Sleiman was chased by a number of men into a rear bedroom and attacked, beaten, hit in the head with an axe or other sharp-bladed weapon and stabbed once to the chest, piercing his heart.

Mr Rochford said the three accused men had been part of a joint criminal enterprise responsible for Mr Sleiman's death.

Mr Power denied taking part in the assault, claiming he had never entered the house; Mr Fisher denied attacking anyone and was only armed with a stick; Mr Delamothe said he was not even there that night.

Ms Anagnostopoulos told the jury how the group of men who stormed the house "seemed really angry and a couple of them were saying, "Don't f--k with us.'

"I was terrified. I was screaming and I just remember saying that, 'I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl, please don't hurt me'."

Ms Anagnostopoulos said Mr Sleiman and three of his friends ran into the house while she was outside on the front porch.

She said as the men were jumping over the couch she had been sitting on, one of them hit her on the knees with a baseball bat or steel metal pole.

"I didn't know if I could walk at that time but I was so scared that I didn't really worry about my legs at the time, I was worried about what was going on."

Ms Anagnostopoulos tried to hide under a leopardskin blanket before being pushed into Mr Sleiman's bedroom where one of the men grabbed a baseball bat or metal pole and smashed two holes in the wall.

Ms Anagnostopoulos said while she was in the bedroom with two or three of the men, she could hear someone crying and screaming but didn't know if it was Mr Sleiman.

Ms Anagnostopoulos believed the group of men were in the house for only between two to two and a half minutes before running off.

As the men left she heard one of them say words to the effect, "Too much blood".

The trial continues.

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