Hoon driver punished for Facebook video

A P-PLATER who uploaded a video of his hoon driving in the Grassmere district on Facebook has lost his licence for six months.

Joshua Smith, 19, of Hexham Road, Grassmere, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to driving in a dangerous manner. He was not convicted, fined $700 and lost his licence for six months.

Police alleged that on January 26 this year Warrnambool police received an anonymous complaint about a white Holden Commodore utility hoon driving in the Grassmere area which left tyre marks on the road.

Mr Smith later uploaded to Facebook a three-minute video of his driving exploits, which showed smoke billowing from the tyres, him driving on the wrong side of the road, doing ‘donuts’ on the road and spinning his rear tyres until they burst.

Defence counsel Alex McCulloch said his client had mental health issues and his actions had been foolish, especially to put the video on Facebook.

Mr McCulloch said Mr Smith could lose his job and his car was impounded, attracting impoundment fees of $760, and he will be required to undertake a $1100 safe driver course.

Magistrate John Lesser said Mr Smith was a young man with a lot of life ahead but he described his driving behaviour as stupid and irresponsible.

He said posting the driving behaviour on Facebook horrified him as it was a poor example to anyone who saw the video.

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