Jack’s packed for next overseas trip

JACK Goddyn never imagined when he started karate seven years ago that it would help him travel the world.

The Warrnambool first dan black belt will fly out for his third overseas trip with his Funakoshi group on Saturday.

Jack, 16, will join 49 other students and parents on a 21-day tour of Asia and Europe.

It follows his karate adventures to New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Warrnambool Funakoshi will train in Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, France and Hong Kong and compete at an international championship in Belgium, which has also attracted participants from New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, the United States and the host country.

Jack said the tour would help him build his karate skills and knowledge across a range of styles.

“We are going to dojos of different martial arts and karate styles and also meeting our style (of karate) in Germany and doing a lot of training,” he said.

“They came out here last year and we made lots of friendships. I am really excited about going to Belgium because I have grandparents over there so I will try and catch up with them while I’m overseas — and Paris as well, to go to the Louvre.”

The Warrnambool College student said he trained for karate three times a week, throwing all of his energy into the one-hour sessions.

“It keeps me fit and I get to see my friends,” Jack said.

“We learn different techniques all the time and you are doing physical activity but it doesn’t feel like you are doing reps like at the gym.

“Goals are a really important thing and I am thinking next year of going for the national titles, but it is always just about to better myself.

“At the moment I am an assistant instructor and eventually I’d like to be a senior instructor and that would be fantastic.”

Warrnambool Funakoshi will have a training session with former world kata and kumite champion Junior Lefevre in Belgium.

It is one of a series of specialised hit-outs on the group’s itinerary. 

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