Lismore driver loses licence after being clocked at 147km/h

AN apprentice electrician clocked coming home from work at 147km/h near Lismore has lost his licence for 12 months.

James Ian Buchholz, 20, of Buchholz Road, Lismore, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court yesterday to exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h.

He was not convicted, fined $1000, lost his driver’s licence for 12 months and will have to complete a safe driver course.

Police allege that Mr Buchholz was driving his V6 ute at 6.17pm on March 6 when he was clocked travelling at 147km/h along the Lismore-Skipton Road near Skipton.

His car was impounded for a month and it will cost him $1400 in fees to get it back.

Defence counsel Helen Shalders said her client had lived in the area all his life and knew the road well. 

She said he was returning from work in Camperdown when he was picked up for speeding by a police car coming towards him. She said Mr Buchholz only had nine months to go before completing his apprenticeship and even though he was going to lose his licence, his employer was going to try and keep him on.

Magistrate John Lesser said  Mr Buchholz was a very young man with excellent prospects but he had made a very bad decision to drive so fast.

The magistrate said that in future Mr Buchholz had to think ahead and consider the consequences of his actions.

He said that drivers had accidents and they were more likely to happen when someone was travelling at 147km/h.

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