Portland foreshore fire not suspicious

THE cause of a small scrub fire on the Portland foreshore near the hospital early Tuesday morning is not suspicious and was quickly brought under control.

Emergency services were alerted at 2am about the fire in Bentinck Street foreshore/cliff area across from the Portland hospital and at the rear of the Portland Bay Caravan Park.

Fire fighters declared the cause unknown but not suspicious and an area only about six metres square was burnt.

Country Fire Authority members believe the fire was burning slowly for about an hour before emergency services were called.

The blaze was quickly doused and there was no likelihood of it spreading.

Firefighters also attended a small fire at Douglas On River in Port Fairy on Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred when a bathroom heating and lighting unit caught alight in the ceiling of one of the rooms.

Damage was contained to the lighting unit thanks to a quick response from the Port Fairy Fire Brigade.

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