Cruise ship tourists leave behind $150,000

AT least $150,000 was pumped into south-west businesses on a single day during the visit of the MS Europa to Portland this month.

The “conservative” estimate by the Glenelg Shire puts the direct financial input on the day at $150,000, as well as another $10,000 in business spending on the days surrounding the region’s first visit from a cruise ship. 

But the spin-off figure could be even higher. 

“Using the credit multiplier effect of three as the value passes through hands — overall economic benefit is in the region of $500,000,” a council spokeswoman said. 

Cruise ship campaigners have hailed the weekend as a win. 

Flagstaff Hill manager of tourism services Peter Abbott said the Europa contributed in excess of $10,000 to Warrnambool. 

About 230 people visited the city and the tourist village. 

“The invoice for us was around $10,000,” Mr Abbott said, adding the figure was likely higher once gift shop purchases were factored in. 

“For us it’s an important market, which is a very important thing. 

“We did a lot of work to make sure they came to Warrnambool.” 

Cruise Ship Project Working Group member Ray Gilby said the committee would spend the year trying to bring another cruise liner to the city.

“We’re after anyone that will come. We’ve got a bit of interest,” Mr Gilby said.

He said the weekend’s arrival went “perfectly to plan”. 

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